Why Use Argus?

Argus was started by a group of college students who were ready to take the next step in their professional careers. Creating a tech startup that would function entirely for the benefit of others was our primary mission. As we begin our journey, we will take on several different projects all relating to help out our community.

Current Project to Date:

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Libre Techologies

tired of paying for overpriced college textbooks? Studies have shown that the majority of students will pay an upwards of $500 per semester on textbooks. Not only is purchasing or renting textbooks overly priced, college bookstores “Textbook Buy Back” options are insulting.

In addition to the financial loss, re-selling textbooks is a hassle and waste of time. This is where our app Libre Technologies comes into play...

You can continue reading to see how we will save you money but to save you the time and agony of “reading”…

Just Download Our App here!

(College Textbook Buy/Sell/Trade Service)

The Inside SCoop

Argus is preparing to launch Libre in the iOS and Android App Store in February 2019. When available, Argus Members will be able to utilize this unique app to save them hundreds of dollars on textbooks. Once a student registers their .edu email address they can start saving immediately!  

Our Mission for Libre

Our mission is to eliminate both the financial burden and stress spent on acquiring college textbooks. We are firm believers that it is outrageous for college books to be priced anywhere above $100. Through our passionate Argus Team, it is our mission to restructure the way college students acquire textbooks.

Why Download our app?

It has become apparent over the last decade or so that the rise in textbook prices has played its fair share in the decline of America’s National Education…Either putting a financial burden on students families or preventing students from even taking a specific course!

“Not only are students choosing not to purchase the materials they are assigned by their professor, but they are knowingly accepting the risk of a lower grade to avoid paying for the textbook”
— PIRG Report

How the Libre app can save…

  • You will have access to the Largest selection of new/used textbook inventory in our Argus Library

  • You will save up to 90% of your original textbook price

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Trusted Buyers/Sellers

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Less stress on you and your parents!

  • More financial freedom!

  • Parents will be thrilled!

  • Make friends along the way through trading or ambassador program!

  • Increase Grades!