Who knows you might even make a friend out of the trade!

Who knows you might even make a friend out of the trade!

Argus® Textbook Trading

How it works…

Once you register your Argus account, you can begin using the our special Money-Free Textbook-Trading service! You will log on to your account and then begin adding the books you currently own to a bookshelf on the app. You can hold as many books as you like but must upload a front, spins, and rear view of each textbook. You can find your textbook using its ISBN number located on the back cover and search for it in our library. From there, you can begin adding books that you will need for the upcoming semester into your wishlist.

When you're ready, you can find other students by selecting at least one book from your bookshelf that you're finished with. Our system will then match you with another college student in a prescribed search radius who has at least one book you need and wants at least one book you have.

You will be able to message the recipient through the app to set a time and location, such as a school library or coffee shop for the exchange. Once the exchange is completed, both students will then confirm on each others apps via code!

Selfies are encouraged to get featured on our website!