The Founders


Kingsley Tapp

President and CEO

Kingsley is a graduate of Louisville Collegiate School and is taking classes at the Harvard Business School. He has made a himself known in the business world by co-founding two Louisville-based non-profits and is currently on his third and largest project: Argus Venture. Kingsley is leading the company as its first Chief Executive Officer and as Chairman of the Board of Directors, overseeing all tactical and logistical matters of the business and its presence in the local community.


Mark Vyleta

Vice President

Mark is the Executive Vice President and a co-founder of the company. Mark assists with legal filings, bookkeeping and management of the AV executive team. He will assist with operations and and keep tabs on all of the business records. He has developed design ideas for our business and for future projects. Mark is also a private pilot!

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Lorenz ESposito

Chief Marketing Officer

Lorenz is a graduate of the College of Charleston and with a B.S. in Business and Marketing. He has a strong background in business and startups, having founded Global Youth Soccer Training in Sweden and serving as a professional athlete simultaneously. He will spearhead researching marketing trends and strategies on how to effectively market the company as well as overseeing the successful day-to-day operations of the company.



Paul Burdick Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Paul is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a B.S Business and Minor in Finance. Paul will assist the Chief Operating Officer on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.


Joey Moricone

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Joey is a successful investor and real-estate entrepreneur who is working with our Chief Financial Officer on addressing Argus Venture’s short-term financial goals and ways to reinvest profit back into our organization. Joey has a background in individual financial planning for different clients and is applying his skills to better serve our company.


martin sedarri

Head of Accounting

Martin is a graduate of the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Accounting. He is currently serving as the Accounting Director for Argus Venture, conducting bookkeeping, auditing, and managing the financial accounts for the company.



Chris Surowiec

VP of Public Relations & Communications

Chris began his entrepreneurial and marketing journey when he started his own business and blog known as “Practical Style Guide” two years ago. He is currently the spokesperson for Argus Venture and is leading all Public Relations efforts at colleges across the United States


Jeanie barnes

Head of Regional Marketing Southeast

Jeanie is a successful marketer and event promoter who is helping Argus Venture with its marketing and promotions all across the southeastern United States


Mackenzie Richards

Director of Marketing Research and Analytics

Mackenzie is a successful marketer and social media influencer who is helping Argus Venture with its marketing and promotions research, as well as finding unique strategies on how to better promote our company

Programming and Development


Lennart “Lenny” Czardydbon

Chief Engineer

Lennart is a professional coder and programmer who operates out of both the United States and the European Union. Lenny is leading the Programming Team of Argus Venture as our Chief Technology Officer, designing the unique Argus Textbook Trading algorithm as well as leading the coding of the Argus app


Patrik Walters

Software Engineer

Patrik is a professional software developer and coder working on the app development of the Argus Venture college app.


Francesco Volante

Lead Software Developer

Francisco is a professional software programmer and works with both Argus Venture as well as Whayne Supply as a coder and programmer. Francesco previously served as a programmer in the Air Force before leaving to pursue his passion in the civilian world. He is currently the Lead Programmer for the Argus app, designing databases and app securities

Advisory Board


DAvid Rummler

Strategic Advisor

David is a graduate of Stanford University and retired US Navy Lt Commander. Rummler currently sits as the managing director and advisory chair to many different companies in Louisville, KY and the San Francisco Bay Area

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Kirt Jacobs

Advisor & Board Member

Kirt is the co-founder and host of MoxieTalk, a television series interviewing a variety of individuals across the country who are working on making a positive impact on our community. He’s interviewed Senators, Governors, CEOs, and political and social activists.

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Luis Cortes

Advisor & Board Member

Luis was a former executive from Chipotle and Apple Inc who currently works with Cicayda, a legal tech firm. Mr. Cortes is an experienced business professional who has the kind of passion and desire to make a positive impact on our community that we all share here at Argus Venture.

College Ambassadors