Argus Venture Inc Completes Statutory Merger

Update from Argus Venture Inc.

As of 4/3/2019 Argus Venture Inc. (“The Company”) has begun and completed the Statutory Merger compliant and in accordance with 271B.11-080 and 275.345 through 275.365 of KRS 2019. Argus Venture, LLC as an entity has been fully dissolved and is no longer conducting business as a foreign or domestic company within the State of Kentucky. All trademarks, assets, and shares of Argus Venture, LLC have been transferred and acquired by Argus Venture Inc. The “Company” is a domestic corporation established and filed under the Secretary of State to conduct legal and lawful business for profit as a registered Software Development and Contracting Company with NAICS Code 541511. The “Company” and its shareholders have drafted and submitted a Constitution (“Bylaws”) and Articles of Incorporation (“Articles of Incorporation”, “Articles”) with which Argus Venture Inc. will be governed by. The Company saw it fit to appoint a Board of Directors (“the Board”) to oversee all aspects of the Company and its entrance into the 2019 calendar year. The Board of Directors will have Mr. Zeno Kingsley Tapp serving as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Mark Vyleta, Mr. Lorenz V Esposito, Mr. Paul E Burdick Jr, and Mr. David Rummler, MBA will serve as Board Members and Directors. Argus Venture has appointed the following people to serve as executive members of the Company and to oversee respective portions of Argus Venture. Mr. Zeno Kingsley Tapp will serve as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mark Vyleta will serve as Executive Vice President. Mr. Lorenz V Esposito will serve as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Paul Burdick Jr will serve as the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Christopher Surowiec will serve as Marketing Director. Mr. Lennart Czardybon will serve as Chief Technology Officer.

Message from the Chairman:

As Argus Venture begins to move forward with the development of our software and the addition of necessary team members and directors, we saw it fit to begin a reconstruction of the legal structure of our company in preparation for upcoming changes and as Argus Venture looks into the long-term future of the company. We appreciate everyone who has stayed with our company and has patiently awaited the launch of our first application for iOS and Android systems. Stay posted to our social media accounts and our website news section, found at for updates on all matters as they relate to expected releases and changes for the coming months.