Buy, Sell, and Trade Textbooks through our easy-to-use Argus app.


Textbook prices are extraordinarily high and we’re working to change that. Argus Venture is developing the Argus App, a software that will allow college students to sell their old books, buy books from other students, or use our EasyTrade program for a money-free textbook trade.


Argus® Easy Sell Program

Selling textbooks yourself is a pain! Thats why we created the Argus Easy Sell Program available to all of our members! Once you sign on, you will be able to list all of the books you no longer need on our vendor database. Current Argus members will be notified when a book on their wishlist becomes available for purchase through one of our vendors. This option is best for those leaving college who have no need for trading in their book, but would rather receive payment for it! Also, if you are an Argus customer using our Textbook Trading service and you can't find a match within your search radius, you can sign onto our Easy Sell program and find a book to either buy or trade nationwide!