Argus Venture Job Openings

Tech Specialist

(Part Time)

Jobs Overview:

Looking to provide your tech skills to better the lives of millions college students across the United States and overseas. Argus Venture, LLC is looking for part time and salaried employment!

As an Argus Venture Technical Specialist, you will be required to be involved in the spearheading of the app’s development, optimize the database, analyze data, code, and program our software until it is a fully functioning and developed app that will allow users to trade textbooks with other fellow users in their area.


  • Has to have at least 1 year experience or more in coding, programming, or technical engineering

  • Enrolled in college, or graduated, with a related field as your Major or Minor

  • Ability to work remotely from your home or office.

  • Able to devote at least 2 hours to the production of the app a day, any day that is required

  • Ability to utilize video conferencing services and business communication tools to communicate with the other members of the software department

College ambassador


Argus is reliant on you, the student, to get our name out there! If you’re interested in being a college ambassador, send an email to and attach your resume.

All of our ambassadors must be enrolled in an accredited US college or university and be able to provide a .edu email address. As an ambassador, you will receive many perks including:

  • A small salary for your promotional work

  • Free access to Argus’s services and trading platforms

  • Extra spending money

  • A flexible job that can operate on your schedule and doesn’t require a daily commute


Coming Soon…